Volunteers contests

As a volunteer at the Hockey World League you have a daily chance to win great prizes. This can be done through a "Selfie-contest", but also through distinguishing yourself as the "Volunteer of the Day". There will be a separate contest for the Ball Patrol kids. Here too, by category (boys and girls) the best Ball Patrol kid will be selected on a daily basis.

How do I participate?

In order to compete for "Volunteer of the Day" you will have to perform at the best of your abilities. The shift leaders will select the best volunteer in their respective categories and pass the names on to the HWL organisation. Out of these top performers a name will be drawn and announced as winner of the day.

To qualify for "Ball Patrol Kid of the Day" the same principle applies. Here, however, the selection is not made by the jury but by the Ball Patrol supervisor.

Finally; the "Selfie-contest". All volunteers can participate by placing an original and creative photo, with appropriate hashtags, on the Facebook page of the Hockey World League. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can send a photo via WhatsApp to your shift leader, also with hashtags and your name added. The shift leader will assure the photo reaches the jury and enters to contest. By the end of each day a winner is chosen! If you don't have WhatsApp, please ask a colleague to send the photo for you.

What can I win?

Prices are not yet announced., However, they will certainly be related to the Hockey World League 2015. You can already fantasize, but first make sure that you make a good chance to be selected. So, do your utmost and together we'll make this a great contest and a great tournament.

Volunteers Team
Hockey World League 2015

Volunteer of the day

20/6 Peter Paul Morreau

Selfie of the day

20/6 Jeffrey Keim

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